Kristina Marino

Our Story

Like the artist herself, Kristina Marino's handmade jewelry hails from Brooklyn and is truly one of a kind. As founder of popular nightlife blog The Downtown Diaries, Kristina gained notoriety for her personal style and fashion trendsetting as much as her nightlife savvy. StyleCaster named her one of the Top 10 Most Stylish Social Media Gurus and it’s no secret why: Marino skillfully blends seemingly disparate fashion trends, textures and proportions to create effortless looking ensembles that scream both biker babe and bohemian goddess all at once.

Marino is self-taught in her craft and started making jewelry by refurbishing and recreating her grandmother’s antique jewelry pieces. Inspired by travels to the Middle East and Tulum, Mexico in the Summer of 2013, Marino began integrating more geometric patterns into her designs . Kristina’s pieces channel the energies of the sky, stars, ocean and space into beautiful, multi-faceted designs.

Kristina's work has been featured in the 2015 Victoria's Secret Swim Special and in prominent publications such as Vogue China.